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+1 724-780-3118


+1 724-780-3118

Annuncio Descrizione

Black Eyed Katy
Sin’s Og
Chem Dawg
Forbidden Fruit
Ghost OG
Inferno OG
Tahoe OG
Gorilla Snacks
Doc OG
Snow White
Fire OG
Blue Sherbet
Gelato #33
Gelato #45
Sunset sherbet
OG Kush
Platinum Cookies
Sour Diesel
Wedding Cake
Grand Daddy Purple
Girl Scout Cookies
Grape stomper
Rockstar Kush
Durban poison
Fluff Head
Pink Kush
Fruity Pebbles
Island Tour
Critical Mass
Hash Plant
Blue Dream
Black Sugar
Gorilla Girl
Jack Herer
King Louis XIII
Lemon Haze
Mango Kush

We guarantee no pests and strong, vigorous cuts for your next project.
Great for indoor and outdoor applications.

Minimum orders of 50 are required!

Thank you and we look forward to helping your future GROW!

Text/Call +1 724-780-3118